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Has Beautiful CFA,CFF,TICA Registered, Champ.Bloodline,


Scottish Fold Kittens

AND Munchkins !!!

KatzNKradle Cattery is a registered CFA (Cat Fancier's Association) cattery. We are also CFF (Cat Fancier's Federation), and TICA (The International Cat Associaton members. ALL of our kittens come from Champion blood lines. Scottish Fold kittens/munchkins are wonderful little additions to a family.

So what is a Scottish Fold? The Scottish Fold is a breed of cat with a natural dominate gene that causes the ear cartilage to contain a fold causing their ears to bend forward and down towards the front of their head. Not all of the Scottish Fold kittens born in a litter will have folded ears. Those kittens are still considered to be a Scottish Fold because they carry the Scottish Fold gene. This breed of cat loves affection, sleeping on their backs, playing with toys and they adapt well to other animals in the house.

What is a Munchkin? The Munchkin cat is a cat with a mutated short gene for their legs. This mutation does NOT affect the health or longevity of the kitten. We looked for FOUR years for a pedigreed Scottish Fold Munchkin. Being pedigreed, we have written proof that the bloodline is pure. NO mating of munchkin to munchkin which could produce a kitten that at about 7-8 months of age a very painful arthritis in their legs and the result would be to have to euthanize your kitten. YES, you get what you paid for-- A healthy kitten!

My queen and sire have their pedigrees!

This ensures you as our clients a healthy kitten! This is another reason we do the Feline Leukemia, SNAP (genetic testing) bloodwork, fecal testing, and full vet exam.  

Prices vary due to munchkin vs. non-munchkin status, gender, coloring and ear status (folded or straight). Please check out the pictures below of our beautiful Scottish Folds and let us know if you have any questions.

ALL of our kittens are HOME Raised!

We are a small cattery by choice. LOTS of attention given to all our kitties!  

This is Maddie- She went to Texas!  



Cupid and Coal Bin are my parents.  Yes, I have cut back significantly to give the majority of my time to our non-for-profit,

My daughter, Emily Meneely is a registered CFA, TICA Scottish Fold and Scottish Fold Munchkin breeder based out of Elizabeth City, NC. 

Feel free to contact her for her kittens also


Her email:  [email protected]

or visit her website:

Emma, A beautiful Scottish Fold female

Emma is going to Pace, Florida!  Her family is over- the-moon to get her!  We are SO excited to for them too! 

Blue Bell Buttons

This is Blue Bell, a Scottish Fold Munchkin little girl.  She is going to Texas!

White with BIG Blue Eyes and tiger stripes! 

OMG, What a cutie and laid back little girl! 

This is Emmert! 

Emmert went to Crown Point, Indiana.  Jean and Keith already own one of my Scottish Fold Calicos.  Emmert is a Scottish Fold MUNCHKIN little guy!  Has the Sweetest personality.  LOVES to just sit on your lap.  DEFINITELY a lap cat! 

Emmert, a Scottish Fold Munchkin!


Blue is such a wonderful, sweet, laid back guy.  LOVES to be held and cuddled! 

Yet, Loves to be played with!



Blue: A Very Tight Scottish Fold Male. What a laid back little guy! He is such a love able guy! Yet, loves to play with his kitty toys too.

Very Sweet!

Visit HIS U-tube video


Kallie is as sweet as she looks!  

She is also laid back.  LOVES to just sit on your chest.  Can chase after her jingle ball with such excitement!  A real cuddle-bug! 


She went to Massachusetts! 

Tiger is a SUCH a cutie.  Dad, as you know is a TICA, CFA, Champion Bloodline Scottish Fold Munchkin.  Mom is a TICA, CFA, Champion Bloodline Scottish Fold .  He is going to Georgia! 

IF you want a munchkin from a future litter, I STRONGLY urge you like Tiger's mom to get on the deposit wait list early!  Because she did, she got first choice of the munchkins! .

This is Paisley.  She is going home to Molino, Florida!  What a beautiful, fold fluffy little girl!  Paisley is 1/2 munchkin, so we are pretty sure she is not going to be a standard height Scottish Fold.  

Ollie is going to south Florida.  As you can see, he is VERY tiny!  The mother to our sire, Coal BIn, only weighed 4.5 lbs full grown.  We are fairly certain that Mr. Ollie is going to be about that weight.  His weight is 1/2 of all of his siblings.  BUT, he is very healthy.  Just super-small!  What a cutie!  He loves to just sit or lay on your chest to be near your heart.

Millie is going to Pointe Vera Beach, Florida.  Her ears are becoming tighter every day.  Because she is also 1/2 munchkin, she doesn't have very long legs either.  Her markings are becoming more like her dad, Coal Bin every day.  She loves to play with her jingle balls.  And, sleep on top of her brother Ollie!